7. Ding Dong! There you go me-time…

It is Sunday morning, 10 a.m. You have had a busy week and the Saturday was also planned from minute to minute. But this Sunday is yours! You are going to take it easy, you have delayed showering and while enjoying a cup of steaming coffee you scroll through Netflix looking for a Binge Watch worthy series.

And then suddenly the doorbell rings…

You freeze. Did I hear that right? You take a cramped sitting position, stretch your neck and point your ears with concentration.

And then the doorbell rings again…

Oh no, this can’t be serious! You pull away the curtains a little bit, so you have sight on the front doorstep. Standing there is an old schoolfriend with a bunch of flowers.

You feel completely discouraged and your head hangs between your knees. What to do?

Leaving an old schoolfriend with a bunch of flowers at your doorstep, well, you really can’t do that. You make an intense deep sigh while you (still with your head between your knees) look at your slippers. Maybe I should?

Cursing and moaning you rise up. While the doorbell is ringing for the third time, you take a coat from the coat rack that covers your cheerful acorn pyjamas and head for the front door.

You throw the front door open with a welcoming wave. With a big smile you generously welcome your old school friend.

What a surprise, come in!

The change curve
We have to deal with change every day and every moment. Whether it is the mopeds on the road in Amsterdam, the anti-smoking policy, the BREXIT, or an old schoolfriend with a bunch of flowers at your doorstep on a lazy Sunday morning.

Elisabeth Kübler Ross (a Swiss-American psychiatrist) has developed a curve for this that can be applied to any change process.

Be aware of this curve and the phase you are in when you are dealing with change yourself. Finally, this will speed up the acceptance (integration) of the change.

And if you manage change yourself, use the example above to convey the process of change to others.

Accelerate change! Innovate HR! Stimulate Talent!

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