10. Leadership starts with your dog

Just pay attention to it…. A poodle, a harness and a flexi line, the basic ingredients for leadership… of the dog!

The poodle
First of all, the poodle could very well be a boxer, Chihuahua, Cane Corso or Dalmatian (depending on when the film gains popularity again).

What matters is that in some cases the content (the character) of the dog is considered subordinate to the match with the interior of the house, current fashion (or haircut).

Just like there are managers who are sensitive to a short skirt, a big mouth or a grumpy look, without focusing on the content (the character) of the employee.

The result of such a superficial view of human beings and animals can be guessed. A true leader looks deeper than the outside.

The harness and the flexiline
Both bear witness to fear. Fear of “hurting” something or someone, fear of setting boundaries, but also fear of letting go.

This mostly results in walking 2 meters per hour, because the dog gets all the time in the world to sniff at everything, or (even worse) pee on everything.

If you really want to go above and beyond as a leader, let go of fear. Learn to trust, but also clearly state where the boundaries lie.

And then this
A dog needs leadership, just like us as human beings it would be nice if…:

…it is clear who is the boss
There is nothing as tiring as serving two bosses with different insights.

…communication is clear
Isn’t it wonderful to know exactly what is expected of us?

…we get one command at a time
With “sit!” “Lie!” “Paw!” In one breath, a dog will most likely stare at you panting and glassy without moving a muscle (read: paw).
You can expect a similar look from your employee when you ask him/her in the same breath to make a calculation, write a report and attend a conference call.

…we get a pat on our head if we do something right
Good to hear if something can be better, even better to hear if something went well! A cookie as a reward would of course be fantastic.

…our poo will be cleaned up neatly
If we are unable to do this ourselves of course. Nevertheless it is always nice to know that our supervisor is behind us, especially when we are “in the shit”.

A true leader dares to let his dog run free!

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