5. The market of the counter sound

Newton’s third law: ”Volkert, where are you?”…
This law is of course better known as: ”For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” No matter if it’s Thierry Baudet who stands up against the “establishment”, or Freek the Jonge (or a lecturer at the University of Utrecht) who stands up against Thierry Baudet. In every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects.

The counter sound
Expressing feelings and emotions is not easy for everyone. The utterance (“Volkert, where are you?”) Of the lecturer at Utrecht University is obviously extremely unappetizing and unacceptable, but he/she has probably discovered this already.

Counter sound is everywhere. From climate naggers to climate deniers, from Democrats to Republicans, from campsites with 100% Wi-Fi coverage to “Happy with Wi-Fi free” and from Formula 1 at Zandvoort to the protest group”rest at the coast”. If a sound is strong enough, a market for reaction will naturally arise.

Fortunately, because it is very important that we continue to speak out at all times, express our opinion, but especially to relieve tension. Conclusion: Thierry has every right to stand up against the  “establishment”, just as Freek (although his timing could be better) has every right to stand up against Thierry.

Give counter sound a medium
“Residents and salt company sign agreement on salt extraction”. After 2 years of consultation, an agreement has been reached between a salt extraction company and citizens. Guaranteed here is minimum subsidence and maximum participation. Because of this participation, distrust and unrest among concerned citizens in Harlingen has been removed.

By entering into a constructive dialogue and steering towards a win-win outcome it is possible to bring two opposites (economic gain versus historical heritage) together. A great pilot for gas extraction in Groningen!?

Certainly an excellent example of bringing conflicting interests together.

Cherish the employee participation
Whether this is a staff representation, a works council, or a labour union. Employee participation is a blessing for every organization. After all, it is pre-eminently a medium where the counter sound gets a voice. Do you want to reorganize an organization? Then the works council wants job guarantees. A company wants a cheaper pension fund? The works council primarily wants to guarantee current employment conditions, etc.

It is precisely by entering into dialogue and learning to understand each other’s interests that beautiful things can arise: whether it is a healthy social plan or a smarter retirement provision.

Employee participation is the medium for channelling opposing noise!

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