4. What BREXIT needs is an HR Executive

Suppose the European Union would be a multinational…
…let’s call it “EU Corporation”. The United Kingdom (“VK Ltd.”) is an acquired organization. However, it is not a standard company, but one with a very strong local culture. This is due to the somewhat remote headquarters, the rich history and the strong brand. People still walk there in original, old, somewhat faded UK t-shirts! This while EU Corporation keeps insisting on wearing trendy EU polo shirts.

Now suppose that VK Ltd. would like to be carved out (split) from EU Corporation…
Although the staff of VK Ltd. is divided, a small majority manages to convince the management and the works council that it is the right decision. The multinational has given up hope for integration and is willing to cooperate.

A condition set by EU Corporation is that clear agreements will be made about the carve out itself, the competitive position and the way in which the future relationship between both parties will be shaped.

Suppose that EU Corporation and VK Ltd. could not come to a deal…
This has to do with a small hard core within VK Ltd. (once acquired themselves) that is against a full carve out. Also within the management of VK Ltd. there is ambiguity. Some want to continue without agreements, others still want to keep the lines open with EU corporation.

The CEO and senior leadership team of EU corporation are extremely vocal about their discomfort regarding the situation both companies are in. However, internally there is sneering and sniffing about the way in which the people of VK Ltd. have “brought trouble upon themselves”.

Of course not, this is the moment when the HR Executive of EU Corporation stands up.

The internal struggle at VK Ltd. seems to be a struggle in which personal interests outweigh the overall interest (a sound carve out).

But also within EU Corporation, arrogance seems to get the upper hand, as a poisonous tweet from the CEO further aggravated the situation.

A “Low-Ego” approach is essential now. Something that usually characterizes the seasoned HR Executive.

The HR Executive or Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)
Is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization

But… and just as important, the HR Executive is also a seasoned professional with years of experience with the social-emotional aspects of professional relationships and interactions at all levels of the organization.

The HR Executive is a connector, a diplomat, widely respected and always focused on the “win-win” in every situation.

He/she works silently, firstly aimed at smoothing out the internal fights at VK Ltd. and secondly by holding a mirror to EU Corporation whenever necessary.

BREXIT would benefit from such a role
An oiler, who is able to shave and shape some gearing wheels in the favour of mutual interest!

…just a thought

BREXIT: all for one, one for all, also when times are rough!

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