2. What Fortnite teaches us about “Employee Engagement”

“Daddy, I just made seven kills and one no-scoped headshot!”
Choking on my coffee, I’m absorbed by my 9-year old daughter’s enthusiasm and pride. And I must admit, without any context this is certainly a statement to worry about.

Fortnite… about “scoring loot”, “stealing kills” and why the “Thermal Scoped Rifle” is really a “gun for noobs”. It is one of the most popular games ever with more than 200 million users, which even makes Netflix nervous!

What does Fortnite teach us about “Employee Engagement”?
Fortnite knows how to attract, enthuse and retain players. Voilá! Here is the link with “employee engagement”.

Scientific research shows a statistical relationship between engagement, productivity, performance, retention of personnel, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Reason enough to take a closer look:

  1. Speaking of diversity and a low-threshold…
    In Fortnite, each player determines its own appearance by choosing a character (Skin): man, woman, cowboy, pirate, pumpkin, or goldfish. It’s not about who you are, but about what you do! Although Fortnite is a shooting game, no drops of blood are spilled in it. This “The A-team”-like style gives the game an acceptable character. You could say: “a pleasant environment to function in”.
  2. Teamwork works!
    Fortnite can be played on your own (solo), but also offers the possibility to perform missions with two (duos), four (squads), or 50 against 50 (Battle Royale). The joint achievement of goals by means of (often multi-disciplined) teams creates a bond.
  3. The advantages of an innovative and transparent reward system
    The most fantastic element of Fortnite is the way in which the game challenges you to keep playing: the reward system. The reward system consists of 100 steps (tiers) and everyone starts at step 0. A reward is linked to each step, this can be: money (V-Bucks), but also a new skin, a dance, etc. Beforehand, you know exactly which reward at tier 57 is waiting for you!

Is your reward system still up to date?

Fortnite hides many other lessons:

  • Everyone is sufficiently equipped to play the game well (Chests/loot)
  • If you make a mistake, you may just try again (Respawning)
  • If you are tired of active playing, you can co-develop a new playing field (Playground/Creative)
  • Etc.

Stay curious! Keep innovating! Keep changing!

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