1. Woman makes horror fall from stepladder

And did you feel compelled to continue reading this article?
Perhaps you were secretly curious about the injuries this woman suffered? Or were you just wondering how for goodness’ sake you can make a horror fall from a stepladder.

In any case, the news value is zero, but similar articles are regularly placed in a self-respecting national newspaper. And since there is no news value, it is simply published to make you read this medium (and get you in touch with its advertisers).

But there is something to learn here…
How do you communicate with your employees? Do you still know how to hit the right string? And how are you so sure?

A piece of software in a news message from a CEO of a listed multinational showed the following. Although the news message was addressed to the entire staff by e-mail, only 8% opened the message and 2% read beyond the first paragraph.

Can we speak here of a lazy sender?
Perhaps a meaningless message, or a disinterested reader? One thing is certain, apparently a standard message (such as an e-mail) is not enough to really get information to the recipient.

Research around the brain and human behaviour shows that people are more emotional beings than rational ones. This is exactly the reason why we are more likely to read a message about a “horror fall” than the status of a change process within a multinational.

Do you really want to reach employees?
Then think carefully about the attractiveness of your message and the form in which it is packaged. Around us we already see beautiful examples. The handwritten card to thank a colleague, a vacancy presented by a recruiter through a vlog, or an app that establishes connection by transforming an organization into a community.

Keep changing, keep innovating, keep communicating!

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