Talent Management
Performance Management
Innovates HR
Accelerates change
Stimulates talent
Employee Engagement
HR Transformation
Merger & Acquisition
Carve outs
HRIS implementation & Integration
Culture Change
Leadership Training

Win together!

Winning together starts with listening. Not to just reply, but to understand. Thinking differently and offering new insights for existing challenges. Setting goals for improvement and achieving them. That is what Harm Topper stands for.

Advise on solving challenges in the field of people and change.

Interim management
Partnerships for a longer period related to complex challenges in the field of HR, leading change, or temporarily replacing key HR positions.

Starting points are:

  • The (company) interest of the client is central
  • Innovate by outside the box thinking
  • Change with focus on maximum acceptance

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Harm Topper plays a significant role within family businesses, private equity, multinationals listed on the stock exchange market and innovative companies in development from start-up to scale up. Focus lies on the sectors: Technology, Industry & Production, Shipping, Construction, Transport & Logistics, Energy, Chemical and Pharmacy.

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