360° Testimonials

Crystal Kwee

Executive Manager – Client
“Harm is a great ambassador for a company. He works result driven and shows integrity at the same time. I learned to know Harm as an inspiring personality, able to think out of the box.”

Raj Arora PE

VP & GM – Business Stakeholder

“Harm was skillful as being the bridge between the business and the function. I recommend him highly for an executive HR role.”

Rebecca Feder MBA SPHR

VP HR – Manager

“Harm is truly a top talent, rated exceeds every year. Well respected by line leaders and HR peers, and has an unmatched work ethic.”

Jiri Brodecky

HR Director Peer

“He is able to work effectively with leaders at different levels of the organizational structure. He is a colleague who always walks an extra mile to deliver on his commitment.”

Svetlana Dmitrenko

HR Director – Direct Report

“Harm is a very reliable and trustful manager. He has strong conflict-management skills, discusses the critical issues openly and finds the best solutions for all parties. As a manager, he is a role model for the whole HR team.”

Ingrid van Berkel

Employment lawyer (Partner) – External Provider

“It was always a pleasure to work with Harm. Firm in negotiations in exit scenarios as well as focus on the relationship in complicated matters. Careful listener. Good sparring partner and communicator.”