15/08/22 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

D’you know what? I’ll be self-employed again! I am taking on interim jobs. Start-to-finish projects. Freedom and adventure. And earning a respectable crust, of course!

Specialists in the profession indicated that with my background and experience, I could easily charge €200 per hour. So multiply that by 8, by 5, by 52. Wow!

I quickly made my way to the Chamber of Commerce. With my certificate in hand, I smiled broadly for my first post on LinkedIn. The profile update caught on too. Congratulations and reactions poured in. Never before had I had so many profile visits!

Just when I was about to get on my high horse, everything went quiet. Deathly silent… validated by the profile visitors’ flatliner on LinkedIn.

At one point I found a nice and suitable assignment. They requested a competitive rate. I summoned all my kindness and benevolence. Well OK, I pitched generously lower than my self-assessed market value. And guess what? Too expensive!

Many slip-ups and lessons learned later, I finally scored my first job.

I am part of the ‘established order’ by now. Now I use the knowledge I gained to enrich companies as well as professionals.

Read my Tips & Tricks in my next post.

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