15/09/22 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

The weather is wonderful. The sun is shining. Temperatures are climbing above 15 °C. The chiffchaff is already twittering lustily… yet he cannot enjoy it!

He just stared out of the living room window and saw hustle and bustle in the street. Car doors being slammed, daughter dearest who cam running back for a last hug, car engines starting…

And here he stood, in his dressing gown. Partially hidden behind the curtains. A mug of coffee in his hand. Empty. Listless. Hopeless.

He had been so euphoric at the start of the weekend. Four great opportunities to ponder. A number of promising interviews. Something had to come out of this!

A 100% score over the last two days. Four rejections!

Two of those were expected, the third anticipated. But not this one golden opportunity. It was close to home. The perfect job. An appropriate salary. A leading organisation. Too good to be true!

This story hits home with many jobseekers. One minute, you’re waiting for ten buses to Jobsville to come along. Next minute, they’ve all broken down before they got to your stop.

My advice in a situation like this? Change the dressing gown for shorts. Put your hiking boots on. Go and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, the sun and the twittering chiffchaff.

Tomorrow is another day!

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