01/11/21 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

Zoals Uri Geller, zo keek ik naar mijn telefoon. Alles om mee heen vervaagde. Volledig focus op die telefoon. “RING NOU KRENG!”

Nothing happened, it didn’t make a sound. So I grabbed it again, maybe it had secretly switched itself off? Battery status: 98%.

When I was 12, I had a pen pal. Her name was Melanie. We sent each other letters. Full of hearts and other sugary-sweet, puppy love crafts.

All of a sudden, the letters stopped. Every day, I checked the mailbox. Every day, I was disappointed. I would wonder if maybe she had died suddenly. The thought that she had lost all interest in me didn’t occur to me.

And now here I was. Waiting for the redeeming call from the recruiter. Then this very flashback came to me.

She was so interested in my CV and profile. So ‘genuinely’ engaged in my process. She even called me 10 minutes after the interview to find out how it went. But that was two days ago. Then there was silence. Deathly silence… surely she won’t have suddenly…

Recruiters… some are interested in people. Many others only care about ‘the sale’. So always be aware of ‘sellers’ and make sure to do business with ‘call-backers’!

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