The Corporation

15/11/21 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

Am I smiling too much? Or too little? Not too goofy? But not too smug either? Is my background nice and neutral?

I have experienced first hand how a corporate work environment slowly crushes you until you are some kind of moulded version of yourself.

I could meekly recite the corporate values on command. Every year, I signed the code of ethics before the deadline. ‘Safety’ was invariably at the top of my agenda (actually, it still is). I proudly wore the corporation’s pin on my lapel.

Deep inside, I was aware of my highly conditioned ‘self’. The cog in the machine. The mouthpiece. The puppet. But the compensation was excellent, so I peacefully submitted.

Yet after some time, it started to feel like a cramp. The desire to colour outside the lines grew during a photo shoot. Because what I was mainly concerned with was ‘the concept’ of me…

Letting go of your ‘corporate image’ is liberating. You become more authentic. You become more at one with yourself. It strengthens your appeal.

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