15/02/22 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

LinkedIn was worried about me. They hadn’t heard from me for a while. And they were right. My online activity had been reduced to a flatliner.

The same went for my profile views, actually. A steep descent into the red ‘double digits’ for a few weeks in a row.


Indeed, highlighting my services had triggered a slight addiction in me: the illusion of relevance.

Remarkable how quickly views, likes, comments and profile visits conquered a mood-defining factor in the working week.

So it was high time to apply the high tower strategy.

One of my earliest memories goes back to playschool. At playschool, I loved building high towers made of large, colourful blocks. Sometimes I would even stand on my chair (if Miss wasn’t looking). And if the tower was at its mega-highest!… I would topple it.


By going completely offline, I have toppled my high tower of relevance. Now I will start building again, from the foundation. And this time, I hope to build an even taller tower. I might even stand on the chair.

The illusion of relevance and the ability to let go are themes I apply to HR coaching. Because rebuilding always starts with the foundation!

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