01/05/22 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

“Let me be brutally honest with you, I do not think you can handle this new challenge.” The introductory meeting with my brand new manager got off to a promising start…

Our organisation had recently been acquired by a major player in the market. To my own surprise (and delight), my position remained. What’s more, it was even expanded.

But I also got a new manager. One who had already discounted me, as it turned out. In any case, my new adventure didn’t exactly start with a clean slate.

Nevertheless, I was adamant I would prove him wrong. Let’s roll up those sleeves! Get the team on the rails, exceed goals, work on the relationship. In vain…

The silver lining was my final evaluation. Based on the results achieved and the feedback from colleagues, I received an excellent evaluation. Albeit accompanied by the words that ‘my style’ did not appeal to him at all.

Two months later, I was gone.

To this day, I have no idea what was behind this antipathy. In any case, nothing could be done about it. And this story is not unique. Many will even recognise themselves in it. And some are in the same boat right now.

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