01/02/22 - Leestijd: < 1 minuut

“Dad, I made seven kills and one no scope head shot!”

Spluttering into my coffee, I take in this milestone, brought to me with pride and enthusiasm by my 10-year-old daughter. And I admit, without context this would certainly be a statement to worry about.

Fortnite… about ‘scoring loot’, ‘racking up kills’, and why the ‘Thermal Scoped Rifle’ really is a ‘gun for noobs’. Fortnite is one of the most popular games ever!

And that makes me wonder… why?

First of all, diversity is encouraged. Each player chooses their own appearance by choosing a Skin: man, woman, pumpkin, goldfish, etc. It is not about who you are, but what you do!

Although Fortnite is a shooter game, not a drop of blood is seen. This A-Team-like style gives the game an acceptable character. It is, so to speak, a ‘pleasant environment to function in’.

As well as the many other lessons we can learn from Fortnite, there is one that sticks out for me. It is ‘respawning’. Literally the rebirth of a character at ‘game over’. So even though you lose in a game, you are immediately placed right back among the action.

As a HR Consultant, I lean on proven theories and the experience I gained, of course. What’s more, I like to look past the end of my nose. After all, games like Fortnite also harbour many ‘hidden treasures’!

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